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" What will you do TODAY that will change the world?" is a question Rick Miller asks to create high performance individuals, teams, and environment.  Rick works with associations, institutions, and the private sector to develop individuals, and teams that seek to make a difference.

​Rick's graduate and post graduate work in Communication, Social Psychology augmented with a background in Event and Entertainment Management has provided a platform for him to work with some of the biggest names in the entertainment and human development field.

As a Gallup Certified Strengths-Based Educator (CSBE), he loves teaching, coaching and developing a new type of leader that seeks change.  It only seemed natural to become a part of the John Maxwell Team of elite, highly trained speakers, coaches and trainers.  The combination and support of these two globally recognized organizations creates a unique synergy in Rick's role.  His own knowledge base has been developed over 30 years of developing leaders. Having served as a member of Gallup's Strengths Advisory Board, and as a leader in other national and international associations helped Miller see the true need for creating change in the way we develop leaders.

​We need leaders who know and understand the laws and principles of leadership while utilizing their own strengths and the strengths of those around them to live out what they do best.  Miller has used a mix of knowledge, inter-activities, assessments, and storytelling with audiences across the US, Canada, and Australia to equip leaders to develop more leaders.

His goal is to assist them in providing TRUST, COMPASSION, STABILITY, and HOPE.  Experience from working in large stadiums, arenas and small intimate venues with diverse, multi-generational audiences creates a background for providing a unique learning experience for each new client.

Every event adds to the database of best and "next" practices to share, whether it be a Disney property, university or faith-based organization.  Rick looks for the learning opportunities in the midst of crisis, and sees solutions in the strengths of those who were trusted to make a difference.

​Rick has developed Apps, videos, written articles and is currently working on a new video series - Object Lessons.  He is active in his church and community - always looking for new opportunities to create leaders.

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